About Mutual

Mutual Distributes Over 700,000,000 Gallons of Fuel Annually to Our Dealer and Wholesale Unbranded Customers.

Mutual Oil Co., Inc. is a family owned business based in Brockton, MA. The Company was founded by Morris Rachins and dates back to 1937, making it over 75 years old. Mutual has enjoyed a history that includes retail gas station operation, home heating oil, branded and unbranded wholesale gasoline distribution and petroleum transportation.

Today, Mutual distributes over 700,000,000 gallons annually through its Dealer and Wholesale Unbranded channels. In addition, Mutual operates a fleet of 17 petroleum transports which service its customers from Maine through Connecticut.

Mutual’s Dealer network is comprised of branded and unbranded single and multi-site operators based in New England and New York. Mutual’s brands include: Mutual, Exxon, Mobil, Shell, Citgo, Gulf, Sunoco and Valero. Mutual will invest in Dealer’s locations, both branded and unbranded, in return for exclusive term supply agreements. Supporting our Dealers is a team of highly responsive and experienced Marketing Representatives who work closely with their customers to maximize their business’s potential.

Mutual’s Wholesale Unbranded channel supplies high volume multi-state, multi-site Retailers and Distributors from Maine through Florida. Our experienced team focuses on reliable fuel supply at advantaged pricing for our customers and delivers uncommon customer service and responsiveness.

Our Transportation Group coordinates the dispatching of product for all our customers, expertly utilizing our fleet of 17 transports, and experienced drivers, along with our outside transport partners, to deliver product to our customer throughout New England. Because we control the dispatching and majority of transportation in house, we are able to be more responsive to the market and customer needs, and communicative with our customers and drivers.